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Passion for sustainable goodness

Coffee, tea and hot chocolate have to taste great. That is why we are introducing Celsusdrinks. Celsusdrinks is delicious, pure and fair. At its foundation are the farmers who grow coffee, tea or cocoa. They receive a fair price for their harvest. We then roast the coffee to perfection, make heart-warming hot chocolate and seek out the best tea.

The name Celsus comes from the Latin word for ‘proud': we are proud to offer you a wide selection of sustainable beverages. Every cup is made fresh with a single push of a button. Choose Celsusdrinks and enjoy it to the full. It benefits you, the farmers and the planet.

FAQ #19

Who is selling the Celsusdrinks product range?

The Celsusdrinks product range is exclusive to the Autobar Group companies. For the contact details of Autobar, Café Bar and Pelican Rouge in your country, please go to and find out more about the Celsusdrinks product range.